Saturday , May 30th 2020
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Air Fryer Review!!! Cook chicken breast with me!!!

Video Transcript

hi guys so today I wanted to do a video on my new if I do this thing is bomb I like to use it everyday for also sorts it sounds like this morning I did chickpeas yeah roasted chickpeas are like stacks so I made those this morning and I dropped them in the lake so now I can’t eat the mango throw them up to the pigeons but they’re really good and like I said this thing is an ultra ultra Oh train I don’t know anyway so I’m gonna show y’all it’s an old train I got off Amazon it’s about 60 bucks no 54 I caught it on a sale um but anyways like he’s not putting this in here and then you do a study and you are to plug it amber and then um you’re gonna have your tamp your your temperature and then you’re gonna have your time so literally its compact fryer so cook super quickly and quicker than that oven and so easy literally push buttons you find they’re awesome people what you want to do then you just throw it in there so tonight I’m the main chicken breast we’re gonna see how they go I’ve never made those before the only meat I made is lemon pepper chicken legs and I’m blank I’m now I’ve done another meet but that’s okay um anyway so yeah let’s get into it no I’m gonna represent all the really quick because they like this whole chicken I would say that a dollar off because it was marked down but this chicken was 645 total which to me and it’s all that natural stuff kay treat you can race with know everybody’s going out on hormones no animal bottom a little bet y’all know I’m dog mouth the fresh is chicken and for me 645 for for big chicken breast is pretty good so obviously that’s what we’re gonna start with and then I’m gonna plate it up and Hey I got all in my face I literally punctured it and it sprayed all it’s hard to convince and the right to the church Hey they’re not good [Music] three yes [Music] okay fully rubbed it down I believe you got more than estimated I kind of don’t want them to other ones and I’m gonna see how these taste any myself okay watch this [Music] so okay you don’t want to really put this on your counter cuz it’s kind of hot but why we’re breaking the rules huh so dang it I don’t know which size oh there we go anything on this one side make sure right and then you’re just gonna and I’m just going to and literally when you take this thing out everything stops um it does not go when you take this thing it I completely stops the thing you never get it overcooked also when it comes down to the Nerds good time to cook the chicken it will never continue cooking as soon as the time limit on there is done it turns itself off so that’s an added benefit so alright I’m excited let’s go have a look at what they look for the week go time at the show all right I mean let’s plug them and see if they’re right honestly I want to overdone chicken I think this might be over no I was saying let’s see what we’re working with here Oh ignore that and now so I’m gonna say I did not need to cook it’s what sauce is for guys stuff like definitely could through overall chicken in my kitchen Hey waiting for the time to be you rat I’m not about definitely overdone no I’m gonna try again I’ll come back with that result but I’m gonna try again and set the time limit maybe back like dude it was on this thing to hold chicken breasts 10 to 15 minutes at 360 I’m in 20 it was not my sheet of paper I’m gonna now in this video so I was gonna say that I uh after that last attempt what I hope I did the remaining four chicken breast with lemon pepper seasoning and did everything correctly just a little less time if I read the sheet first also husband I’m sorry because that was your seasoning uh that we’re now out of the will try that again another day so I’m gonna go to the look at them see how they look the timer just went off alright they’ve been done for a minute so let’s see what we got in here better like this time hopefully you read the right instructions a lot better guys gosh that last one okay yeah the little juicy item mi bring this around I’m gonna do it closer ooh thank you got it right this time yeah yummy nummy man times help don’t they also instructions help there’s a life – not that I didn’t look at instructions but my air fryer is smaller than the one I have been watching a YouTube video for a tutorial chicken breast and his was really large so taking that into account all I had to do was read mine mentions and anyway so I’m sitting here talking there’s chicken in front of me to eat rude how lose myself to myself all right let’s see bottle of lemon pepper that’s my favorite so here we go Gracie that’s the reaction I like is really good Oh Effie purple huh that’s still really yeah so alright I might leave a volume on chicken in front of y’all I might leave a slide at the end saying the temps and how to cook and all that stuff in my specific airfryer because different sizes clearly can burn and chicken breast so stop eating yeah which means it was a good ok recipe and I love this thing ok my husband says I’m crazy because she’s like oh you know you’ve been asking for that for a long time and I said uh-huh because I just saw how much it cooked and I was and so easily like literally yeah so I’ve had chicken breast flavored it damn put it in named spring dude in there right back out what 20 minutes later a big done of course you do have to flip them at 10 minutes but am I gonna set so much work slip particularly so anyways I’m gonna let y’all go I’m think I’m gonna put the recipe on the end and thank you for watching my video I really wanted to throw out some props for an airbrush if you don’t know I have one and I do not drop props for anything if you do not have one you should get one and I don’t link it down below [Music]

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