Sunday , December 15th 2019
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Audew 2019 7 in 1 Air Fryer Review & Thoughts

Video Transcript

hi everyone today I’m going to be reviewing the ado 2019 air fryer oven with 12 L large capacity 7n1 multi-use digital air fryer 1700 watt 110 volt electric hot deep fryer oilless airfryer cooker with a recipe book it has a OneTouch LED panel 7 in one cooking presets temperature range 140 to 400 the timer is 0 to 60 minutes I will have the dimensions down below this powerful appliance roast air fries and dehydrates at the press of a button zero oil and half the energy of a traditional fryer so I’m going to go through all the pieces that you get i have everything laid out for you but i will name them one by one so here are some of the items for the rotisserie there’s a lot of items for that this is the rotating mesh basket which is really nice right here you have your airflow rack and your drip pan there’s different shelves inside so you can place them on where you want them this goes for your rotisserie as well and this is the rotisserie fetch tool and then you have a heating mitt which is really nice it’s black and white here’s a free 12-month extended warranty this is your manual so it helps you with how to put things together in how to use it which is very helpful and here you have a cookbook which is really nice and at the end I will go through each page for you so you can see that there’s a lot of goodies that you can make in a lot of ideas which is really nice so my husband and I decide to make chicken so that is what we’re going to be cooking in here so it just goes into detail on what you can do so let’s go ahead and get started so what my husband is doing he is taking four large thick stuffed chicken breasts with ham and cheese he placed it on the mesh tray with the drip pan underneath because he is spraying it with I believe it was olive oil so it just helps to catch the oil that is missing the chicken so it’s not all over your stove this part is optional but this is how he likes to make his chicken so he is going to place the mesh tray inside with the drip pan underneath for any droppings for easy cleanup so now all you do turn it on hit the little chicken icon there press the button again and you’re done so as you can see it’s at three hundred and seventy degrees and we have thirty seven minutes to go I love that it has a window so you can see your food and it also has a light love it so it has been in there for twelve minutes and look how fast this is cooking it’s getting nice and crisp and the drip tray is doing its job so it still has 15 minutes to go but honestly it’s already done so under what 25 minutes somewhere around there that’s how fast dinner is done those thick juicy chicken breasts oh it was delicious and there’s so many things that you can make so this is perfect if you have a very small family or even if you have a large fan people want different things to eat this is perfect and oh I just can’t tell you how good this is although the breads burnt from the regular oven while I flip through this recipe book for you I’m going to give you my honest opinion and my husband’s honest opinion so we’re gonna start off with this one currently this is the largest capacity air fryer out on the market it is 20% off for a limited time I like this one number one I love the window in light that you can see your food number two you have a larger selection of variety of how to cook different foods you have the rotisserie you have the basket you have the tray all different ways to cook your food the only downside is because it is so big you need to have the room to store this air fryer if you want something more compact like what my husband likes we have another one that just has a basket he prefers that one he thinks he can make more food in there and if it’s our family better so I hope you found this video helpful I think you all for stopping by and as always keep smiling

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