Saturday , May 30th 2020
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BEST JUICER FOR CELERY JUICE (slow masticating vs centrifugal)

Video Transcript

what’s up guys today we’re gonna be filming a juice off between a centrifugal juicer and the slow masticating juicer we’ll go over the difference here in a minute I do want to preface this video by saying that drinking any fresh organic juice is better than not drinking juice at all so if you already have one of these machines definitely just use whatever you’re working with y’all have been asking me over on the instagram what juicer I recommend for celery juice this is all the rage right now I’m actually gonna be diving into the full medical medium protocols on Sunday and I’ll be bringing you guys along for daily vlogs of that I’m going to be doing 16 ounces in the morning on an empty stomach just like the medical medium protocol goes over the first video is going to be the guidelines all that so you guys want to subscribe and stay tuned for what the recommended like way to do celery juices we’ll get into that and next week if you guys are curious who I am my sister and I own and operate a juicer II out of Northwest Ohio you can check it out at JK juices we are about to start offering celery juice and I really wanted to do this before we started offering it to our customers but you guys can go creet my instagram link down in the description check out JK juices instagram we use a cold press juicer we actually have two the big commercial x1 and then our countertop cold press there’s hundreds of videos of me juicing on those juicers if you guys want to check those out if you guys are introducing definitely stick around I have at home juicer videos cold-pressed juice videos all kinds of fun things planned let’s get into this video talk about the differences in these juicers so this is your classic like Breville centrifugal juicer it works by spinning at a really high speed and running it through this blade and the screen so through that process the juice is heated up and it’s known to oxidize and still hold its nutritional value but it’s best to drink it within 20 minutes so I can’t scientifically prove unless I had this juice tested which one is more nutritionally dense I’m going to show you this juice after 20 minutes after an hour after a couple hours I do notice that this slow masticating juicer which is a little different process this runs it through an auger very slowly that is one of the benefits of the centrifugal so the masticating juicer runs it through this auger and then it just filters it through this screen and it comes out very slowly it’s a really slow process doesn’t heat up the juice at all so some people will call this a cold-pressed juicer but a juice press is a lot different it’s actually presses the vegetables but this is the closest juice that I’ve found to cold-pressed juice as far as texture and quality and again I can’t scientifically prove that unless I have like data on it I will link Charlie’s video the CEO of good nature had centrifugal juice tested against cold-pressed juices you guys can watch that if you want to see some data when I typically tell people when they ask me which one I prefer these centrifugal juicers are great for making a ton of juice really fast if you’re constantly juicing for your family or if you’re just like juicing a lot of juice you can make a large quantity of juice extremely fast on these centrifugal juicers if you’re drinking it right away I don’t see any problem with these juicers at all these are a little bit slower and you do have to cut the produce up pretty small to fit into that hopper there this is my current favorite juicer at a similar price point medical medium actually suggests the asic juicer which I previously owned but I gave away because I love this one so much this was sent to me by this company but the more and more that I use this and you guys can see all my at-home juicers videos in the playlist on my channel but I really love this juicer this is my current favorite at-home juicer we are going to test yield off of these I’m gonna and make sure that we’re pressing the same amount celery Creek and then look the pulp obviously and taste and texture [Music] both of the celery stalks are weighing in at 645 grams I’m gonna give this slow masticating juicer the benefit of the doubt and let it go first I did cut these stalks into thirds and I just cut these into halves so a little bit more prep work over here obviously it’s a smaller chute [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] all right we almost got the 15 ounces there that took around two and a half minutes let’s do the Breville quick that took like less than 30 seconds I think the color looks they even have like different not Finelli yielded less what’s interesting is I even spilled some of that out there and it’s still noticeably yielded a lot more let’s do a little taste test it’s pretty definitely has a cleaner mouthfeel and this one could definitely stand to be strained run through like a strainer this one is nice and clean [Music] this one that’s pretty chunky I’m gonna set up a little time lapse here for 20 minutes while I get cleaned up let’s look at the pulp really it’s crazy how much more the masticating juicer yielded like that might be worth it alone just to seeing that centrifugal pulp is still pretty wet about the same I really don’t notice too much of a difference [Music] the camera off cleaning so far I’m noticing a little bit of it’s been ten minutes I’m noticing a little bit of separation here and some settlement down here at the bottom alright it’s officially been 20 minutes this is our seller juice or in the shop if you guys want to watch this cold-pressed celery juice I’ll link that video down in the description I’m gonna let these go for another 10 minutes and see if anything changes [Music] [Music] it’s been 45 minutes cleanup was relatively easy there was nothing that made me favor one over the other both have strainers you have to clean now they’re both pretty much the same the only difference is the Breville is a little bit bigger so as far as which one I would go for I would definitely go for the cane now just for the fact that it yielded a few more ounces I’m gonna have to buy way less celery and I don’t mind that it takes a little bit longer I would reach for the Breville if I was juicing for more than two people it’s just way faster is way more doable especially you’re gonna be doing it every day but that being said I would love to see a slow masticating juicer with just a bigger hopper if you guys are looking at slow masticating juicers on Amazon I’ll definitely pick this one over the asic juicer it’s a lot bigger I’d say double the size and the exact same price range right around a hundred bucks so this is an incredible juicer slow masticating juicer is also going to get you the option to do nut milks ice creams with frozen fruits a lot more versatile machine but you can’t beat how fast this one literally took 30 seconds to can’t be how fast and how big this is where most of my celery juice I’m gonna be juicing on this cane Isle juicer I’ll probably juice a lot of my juice the night before and just drink it out of the 16-ounce that wraps it up for this video guys if you have any questions on these juicers definitely shoot me a message grab your juicer I’m starting this on Sunday guys give me Amazon Prime these things like but definitely do it with me follow me on Instagram let me know that you’re doing it shoot me a message I hope this helps a lot of people a lot of people asked me about these at-home juicers and I’ve done the celery juice challenge for a couple days at a time and I noticed great inflammation a reduction and my skin always clears up so when I do it for a full 30 days this month I bring you guys along definitely subscribe here on youtube if you want to follow my journey and over on Instagram I’ll be doing live updates daily of the celery juice challenge and I will see you guys from Monday on the next video we’re going to be talking about like all of the research and the specific protocol to do the 16 ounces on the empty stomach I’m super excited to do this with you guys I hope that a lot of you jump on board and join me on this journey it’s crazy here in like the testimonies from this stuff so I’m committed to do it for 30 days and I hope you guys do it too I’m gonna set the time-lapse up for maybe another hour and see if anything happens thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys in a couple days [Music]

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