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Cosori 5.8 Quart Air Fryer Review – Great for Keto and Carnivore Diets

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hi my name is Anne Linda I’m a polar explorer and motivational speaker today’s review day and I’m going to review the kasoori airfryer is this possible to give the coolest little cooker to come on the market in some time let’s find out [Music] today I’m going to review the kasoori airfryer for you to cook both chicken and steak this has really become a thing with a carnivore and keto diet where people are trying to get away from carbs and processed foods and eat much more naturally just straight-up meats and possibly veggies depending on what you’re doing so the kasoori airfryer here what we’ve got is the 5.8 liter or quart ya quart unit and what we’re gonna do is going to show you how to cook up steaks and chicken with this I’ve never used it but we’ve got some professional instruction here to get this all taken care of now it comes with a quick guide to show you how to do it of course it comes with the obligatory hundred recipe book and i boring user manual which and nobody ever reads of course and some sort of Thank You warranty card but it really always comes down to this so we’re going to do this and just do it straight away I’ve never done it so we’ll see what happens here but before we go on if you wouldn’t mind just hitting the subscribe button in the lower corner there I’d really appreciate it it makes it easier for me to bring these videos to you doesn’t spammy or anything just makes it a lot more fun so what we’re gonna do I show you the kasoori air fryer here now there are two models and two sizes here and I would highly recommend just getting the large one simply because let me squat down here simply because if you’ve got a family other than feeding yourself there’s nothing like having a cooking thing and then having nothing fit that would stink so this air fryer here has a control panel it’s got one of these touch screens I’ll zoom in in just a moment it has a little pop-out handle and a cooking tray and a release to bring out the pan for cleaning and there you go really pretty simple now you can see this unit it does take some space but how much space would a grill take in your kitchen so that’s a consideration since they have a toaster oven or grill or something this just uses hot to cook and it can go from 170 degrees to something like 400 degrees I mean it can really crank one of the nice things is we’re going to put the meat in the air fryer fryer you think oil we’re just gonna do it straight up without any crazy oil the only thing we’re going to use today is duck fat I’ll put a link to everything that I’m going to display here and good old Old Bay seasoning the old school stuff on the chicken so one of the things about this air fryer is the container here and it has this little latch deal I’ll zoom in here and the one thing that’s a you need to watch for and I don’t like is it’s easy to drop this pan as you push this out and you pick it up and whatever you do don’t press this button until you’re ready because it will drop the bottom of the pan so it’s for cleaning but I’d say that’s the I would say that’s the one weakness in the design but that’s really just an it and you can see the open pan design here so any drippings go right down in the tray it’s very easy to clean and you can just throw this in the sink which is really nice and you don’t throw the unit in the sink at all so you don’t have to worry about electricity or anything this is just straight-up steel and plastic and the same thing with this thing so very easy to clean I don’t use a green scrubby on it because it will shred the surface and supposed to be nonstick we’ll see how long that lasts over time I’ll put some comments on the bottom but literally fire this guy up now what we found is that you really don’t have to preheat it even though the directions say hey preheat this thing blah blah blah we really found that you don’t have to so I’m gonna turn it on there okay I will zoom in a bit and you can select your steak option it starts at 400 for six minutes you hit the temp time button twice and then you can crank that up to eight minutes for medium and then minutes four well done I don’t know why it went a well-done mistake today but what we found is six minutes actually starts pushing the steak towards more of a medium so I like to do more of a five minute for a medium rare now the chicken you press a chicken button that is pretty much it straight away you press the chicken button you hit the play then you put my microphone right near it there we go and it literally is get going now I’m not gonna let this preheat up too long but you can hit pause and there you go so it’s already ready to go and that that’s been the experience of cooking that chicken now do note that the air intake is actually on the top so you don’t want to put anything on this thing because this little structure here is the stop is the venting and then on the back is the air out so it’s critical that you don’t put this right against the counter or the backsplash or anything the instructions are very keen on not putting this against anything to let the air flow so this unit works properly and it doesn’t overheat so that’s the thing also it does have a keep warm mode and zoom in here very high ticket love it so it does have a keep warm mode so if you shut it off turn on keep warm and you’ll just keep warm for you you can do breads cakes carrots broccoli frozen stuff fries preheat bacon fish shrimp chicken / turkey and steak so pretty much has a setting for everything which is pretty darn handy so the instructions here simply come down to you’re probably going to do this with chicken and steak primarily maybe veggies the the demo video on Amazon shows this gorgeous salmon meal yeah whatever the rest of this just do a regular food but you can see the steak instructions here and six minutes that is as much as you want to cook it for people who like a really good steak mediums pretty long and do note to that one minute when it’s only six minutes is pretty dramatic so we’re gonna keep an eye on this thing and we’re gonna fire up the process so I’m going to cut away here and we’re actually going to open it up throw the food in and show you exactly how this operation works and we’ll see how it comes out so let’s check this thing out alright so what we’re gonna do is just put the chicken straight away into the unit no oil or anything with the Old Bay seasoning face down we’ve already sprayed the duck fat on these legs now one thing one of the key things about this is not to overload this it’s very tempting to jam a ton of food in there but it actually works best if you don’t go crazy on this thing and then we’re going to spray a little bit more duck fat on there I’d say animal fat instead of oils supposed to be better and a little bit of the old bay action looks kill me already okay and you simply slide it in we turn it on press the chicken button and you press Start and that is literally it so the eunice is going right now it’s going to cook for 25 minutes we’re going to cut the video so you don’t have to watch 25 minutes of nothing happening let me put my microphone near the unit so you can hear how loud it is or not it’s really not that loud at all just sounds like a very muffled fan so not not really so bad there and I mean in the room I would say it’s definitely quieter than the classic vent fan over a stove or a bathroom fan it’s it’s more than quiet enough for enjoyable operation so you can still enjoy your wine or your water or whatever you might drink so we’re gonna cut this off right now and we’ll come back in about 23 minutes turn it on and see what happens okay we’re cutting in at 18 minutes countdown I can already hear the meat sizzling so that’s pretty nice the the hot air coming out isn’t really too hot so it’s certainly not making the kitchen any hotter than you might with the stove not as cool as a microwave but microwaving chicken oh so already smelling some of the cooking meat and everything well we’ll continue on see what happens okay so the moment of truth let’s see what happens whew still sizzling looks good crispy check that out no oil nothing and it feels moist haha this might be sweet okay so here’s the chicken with crispy looks pretty good to me okay so we’ve got the chicken it’s crispy 25 minutes ready to rock next step is the steak we’ll just toss those things in there and show you what it’s like yeah a little salt and pepper put steak in there flip it with the handy dandy tongs okay cool some more light on the situation it’s gonna dark here alright so we’ve got salt and pepper and steak in there and preheated and I’ll fire this thing up and it’s turning off turn back on steak button ten time going for five minutes medium medium-rare press the start and that’s literally it so we’ll see how that steak comes out alright so let’s see how this steak looks this is a wing Oh baby alright let’s see what happens okay so let’s see what this steak looks like it’s a do or die super thin ribeye Oh medium-rare just on the dot yes answer washing this thing and see how it goes and nonstick surface make sure to use a blue scrubby not a green scrubby because it’ll shred the surface cleaning seems to be going pretty well that’s not too bad reasonable and the splash pan seems to catch all the business and it didn’t get in there and also its pristine which is really nice and the top with the heater coils looks totally clean because the air flows down and so let’s see if that’s burned on and miserable Wow that almost just washes off I think we might have a winner here because a lot of times when we cook with these things it’s so burned on you just want to throw it in the trash after one use so after a tiny bit of cleanup I mean it was really surprising I’m gonna pull this out again how easy it was to clean this surface off and always be aware that’s the one thing I don’t like about it but that’s just the way it’s designed to click this back in it is all clean and solid this unit stayed clean completely so I would say that is a total winner so that kasoori air fryer is really impressive the 5.8 liter is nice because we can put more chicken and steak and whatever else in there so if you’re doing the keto diet or the carnivore diet I think this might actually be a superior winner because you just throw it in spray some duck fat on there for flavoring and toss in some old bay just to make it interesting for the chicken press the button 25 minutes later Wow crispy chicken which is actually hard to do on the grill because you burn it what not nothing got burned in here the steak there’s a thin rib I put it in for five minutes took it out immediately it was very well cooked into the medium-rare range the edges were maybe about medium so this is something one thing to note about this unit is when it’s done cooking you need to get stuff out there immediately because it keeps cooking so the chicken or steak or whatever will keep cooking so you need to I would say watch it theoretically in the ads they say oh I can just let it sit but just like any steak or any chicken you let it sit in the hot air and it’s still going to keep cooking so overall that kasoori I would say is a total winner yeah for the the price it’s amazingly good had grilled quality food inside the house it could be raining storming or whatever don’t have to be outside in the grill it’s not as sexy as a grill but not too shabby so can trick them in this thing enough first straightaway use pretty sweet I’m going to put links below to the kasoori unit the 5.8 liter the duck fat spray the old bay everything you can get on Amazon and the links below pretty sweet my name is Erin Lynn style I’m a polar explorer and motivational speaker please like and comment on the video also hit that subscribe button makes it easier to continue bringing these videos to you please also support me on VIN mail PayPal and patreon and check out my website at triple WNC expe decom for more fun information motivation travel and my show world beyond thank you very much for watching [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]