Sunday , December 15th 2019
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Cosori WiFi Enabled 5.8 Quart Air Fryer/ Unboxing, Review And Awesome Chicken Wings!

Video Transcript

well he votes all y’all doing welcome back an old man sorry Eric folks you’re seeing time you’ve got an air fryer and you got a a 5.8 but this one is a smart look at that it’s smart it’s got its Wi-Fi control Wi-Fi enabled and you’re saying really why would you have an airfryer that’s Wi-Fi and folks think about it for a second and I’m thinking about it too because I’m kind of scratching my head going why would you need this so we’re gonna dive into this a little bit deeper let’s do an unboxing it looks almost exactly the same as the other ones I have except this one is Wi-Fi control and that could be interesting alright folks so so there it is it looks exactly the same as the other ones except this one’s got that thing right there that means it’s Wi-Fi and it’s got all like I will use this already they’ve got a nice QuickStart guide to get you into the the great everything set up you gotta go to the App Store and go to the vsync app which I’ve already done and this is once you’re once you’re in there this is kind of what it looks like and it’s got it comes with all the all this here and you know they invite you over to there they’ve got a Facebook page folks go over there I actually put my stuff on that Facebook page is great if you got a cursory product it’s a great great page comes with this use for you useful users manual which is good you know I’ve looked at this before should we do this before does a great job and then the recipe book which i think is one of the better ones out there for air fryers I’ve seen some other ones this has got some really cool stuff in it Pizza and meatballs and all sorts of chicken my favorite and you know so let’s I tell you what I’m gonna dig into this app a little bit more and I’ve already washed things up I got some chicken wings I’m gonna try so we’re gonna try doing this with the app and folks I have no idea if I’m gonna make this work when it when it comes technology I’m technology challenge there’s no doubt about it so let’s that’s you if you want to watch Tom struggle stay tuned alright like 30 seconds later I went to the next screen and it’s got some stuff here already so let’s let’s see if we can’t try this just this out a little bit and so it’s got the preheat and I just turned that on and then the change the temperature you’ve got this little dial here which they like I said seven minutes or five minutes and then the same thing with the temperature you just kind of move it around 400 is it stops and then you can do a delay start or you can do cook now and I’m just gonna see if this actually works oh man that is cool I bet you didn’t think I could do that did you that is uh that’s uh that’s pretty awesome so you can take then your phone with you to another room and say hey how much time I got left am i preheat and you’ll know how much time is left so and then look at this stop cooking let’s see what happens when you first stop cooking or there’s even pause there let’s pause it see what happens when he pause oh that’s neat and then continue oh look at that so you’re probably saying yeah you’re standing right next to it does it really work in another room so I’ll have to try that all let you know so stop cooking stop and we’re gonna dive into it a little bit more all right folks let’s tell you what we got to make something right so I got I got 10 chicken wings there look at that everybody I was always asked about the capacity in this thing yeah a lot of capacity in there let’s get them in the sorry we’re gonna use the app again and we’re gonna go to [Music] Jen and they say 380 I’m gonna adjust that and I think you can do that and 400 and then I like to do just 20 minutes and then what we’re gonna give them will flip after 20 minutes but let’s press cook now ha ha there goes so I’m gonna watch some TV and monitor it like this I’ll give you a look-see hi folks so what I did first I went to that preheat and did the preheat first and it says your air fryer is heated so now I just press Start and now automatically it goes into the cooking cycle that you said so that is really kind of cool so I’m gonna do some walking around I’m gonna watch some TV and then I’ll come back when this thing says 15 minutes take a look at our chicken all right folks heard a little bit in everything’s going good I love the way this works I was able to walk throughout the house and everything’s still connected and showing me what’s going on let’s just see what happens here we’ll leave this on and see if you can stop it just by pulling out like you should be able to pull it off the tray there’s chicken looking mighty nice put it back in see if she starts up like she should and then see was it say their baskets not pushed in all the way please secure okay but I did and down here we’re still rocking in Iran so now if you wanted to stop the cook or pause the cook he could pause to cook so it’s pause and then continue alright so I’m thinking this thing works I’m actually kind of digging it I think it’s pretty cool so we’re gonna complete I tell you what let’s that’s good these chicken legs flipped over because ultimately what’s what’s it about it’s about cooking food right so let’s see how good this thing cooks all right folks here it is I tell you what it’s really all about cooking the food chicken wings oh man look at that it’s still hot nice and crispy they’re gonna be delicious the app here I’ll tell you what for what I wanted to do did a good job I gotta explore some more find out other things that it does but gives you total control remotely of your air fryer which is great don’t forget to go to sorry check them out go don’t forget to go to their up their Facebook page and while you’re there take a look at some of my videos together Tom horseman at YouTube this thing comes with a one year warranty but if you sign up right away you get two years that’s pretty good so folks hope you enjoy this time more spent at YouTube thumbs up leave a comment and as always and can’t save it enough thanks for watching let’s eat

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