Naturopress Cold Press Juicer Review + Demo

Video Transcript

hey everyone this is the natural pressed cold-pressed juicer and I’m going to show you how quick it is to assemble and how we’ve been using it and testing it out over the last couple of weeks alright so the first thing I’m going to do is put the base start and match up this white arrow here with the black one on the side and it basically just sits in place like that next up I’m going to take this orange one and can you see the red dot there I’m just going to match that up with the red dot inside here and again that just sits and slots into place and what locks it on is this I’ll pop that on top and then that basically clicks into place that’s nice and locked now and everything is secure and next I’m going to add the top with the chute so again and matching up with the red dot here with the red dot they’re done make sure that’s really twisted clockwise completely nothing’s going to move now that’s really secure then to test that it’s all locked into place I’m going to turn it on at the wall and then this button here I’ll just give it a quick so the next thing we’re going to do it put up put in place here so this give the chute where the actual juice will come down that’s the non drip cap and then here this is why the discarded fruit or vegetables will come down that’s been juiced so that’s how quick it is to put it together it’s really simple and washing everything is really easy as well literally all you’re going to do is undo everything the same order but well the reverse order that you’ve put it together and then I’ve been rinsing everything under the tap and giving it a bit of a clean and a wash that way should we try some juicing all right I’ve got two celery sticks here and I’m going to show you how quickly and easily it is to pop them in and get those juice if anything gets stuck I can actually use this through the switch to push it down easily as well let’s get started [Applause] [Music] so I’ve got some big chunks of watermelons let’s pop those through and watermelon and melon go through so easily this has been a really great juicer to test out and I’m really looking forward to making it a daily part of my life I love the fact that we can blitz through fruits and veggies really quickly it doesn’t actually take up a great deal of for you either this tends to be the place that we’ve kept it so far in the kitchen because it’s a nice neat corner for it and next to the fridge as well so I can grab all of the fruit and veges that I want to pop in it’s really easy to put together and to disassemble and to clean and and we love it so I think it comes off as a little bit noisier than it might be on the video and but it’s actually really quiet and it doesn’t rattle around and move which I’ve seen it’s not too heavy but it’s a heavy enough base to keep it really secure on the worktop there and and we’ve been really enjoying using it so far

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