Ninja 4qt ceramic air fryer unboxing, review and demonstration

Video Transcript

hey guys this is our new ninja airfryer there’s a lot of hype on the east we figured we’d go pick one of these up and it gives me a little break for looking on the old house and yard and the old tractors let’s take a look at this so the big selling feature on the ease is it uses little to no oil on them so it’s nice and healthy take a look at the outside of the box there and that’s the French side if you probably doing a frost set and these are a 1500 watt unit and it’s a 3.8 litre capacity or roughly 1 gallon this was purchased at Costco today it was a $99 plus 50% tax $115 Canadian so let’s open it up see what’s inside alright so we’ve got the tape all cut let’s open her up alright so it right away you see your engine air fryers your Quick Start Guide if you’re powerful and a lot of times they put these little protective ends on to protect the plug itself yeah and there we go there’s the unit we’re gonna get this taken out of the box and we’ll see what’s all included here so this is what it looks like outside of the box and quite well protected a little bit of foam to protect the top so there’s the unit itself they put on it to keep the door shut and there’s a look at your little digital display area and your cooking times for different food items so let’s pull this aramet tray also inside and these come out and you can actually they’re safe to wash in a dishwasher as well as your a stainless cooking tray too so the plug is roughly a meter long it’s nice and long and you can’t have this covered this is where it sucks in the air so you don’t block your vents the way that these cook is with a little bit of oil inside the area goes around your food and it actually takes a little bit of the moisture out of the food to crisp it up so again this is just a short unboxing video we’re going to maybe cook some french fries and see how it turns out again so it comes with your unit the little trays inside a Quick Start Guide which would be how to use the item and it has some of the recipes too in it so we’ll give this a quick try and see if this thing actually works all right so we’ve let the unit warm up for three minutes as they recommend so let’s get some food in there [Music] [Music] so it’s recommended when you’re cooking about halfway through you want to pause the unit and flip your food around a little bit inside so we’re gonna pause it and then it’s safe to open and see they’re smelling fantastic give it a little stir not a whole lot in there so you should be fine put it back in and press the start button again or it looks like a little play button and let’s finish pumpkin and just pull it all on a side note it does get a little warm to the touch and on the back of the Amy is the exhaust fan so it does blow warm air so make up a little bit all right so we have about three minutes left so let’s pause it and take a look at them it’s just a few fries in there oh yeah those look perfect easy yeah they’re nice and crispy I can hear her off let’s see oh yeah they’re nice and crispy almost like they’re deep-fried move they’re hot too so I tried that fry and it is delicious so with these french fries there’s quite a bit of oil in them anyways when they’re frozen so we didn’t have to add any olive oil to it if they were homemade cut fries you’d put roughly a tablespoon or so of oil in it to get the crispness on it again as you can see the crisp top nice nothing is burnt no residue left on the bottom of the cooking tray to clean up but we will rinse that with a warm soapy water to get it off cleaned up anyways this was our first experience with the ninja air fryer and they are delicious nice and crispy and we didn’t have to add any oil to the in it anyways guys this is just a short unboxing video and quick demo on how to use it if you have any questions make sure you post Aloha thought thanks for watching remember to hit that subscribe button and the Bella notification so you’re notified on new and upcoming videos take care guys