Wednesday , June 3rd 2020
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Video Transcript

hey guys listen before we get started with today’s video I just want to take a second and kind of share this milestone with you so you know the goal is to get to a thousand subscribers on YouTube right that’s been the goal since day one we had it took me like six weeks five weeks whatever to go from just about zero subscribers to a hundred that was cool that was though we celebrated literally all the way no headshots just kidding do all that it took me about another month or three weeks or so to get to 200 subscribers so I don’t know it it’s it’s super exciting I’m humbled that there’s enough people out there that give a damn about what I’m saying and and it seems like people are really starting to jive and really enjoy what I’m doing here so here it is serious I just let me just let me just we got to 500 subscribers listen it’s not a thousand but it’s halfway there super exciting I’m just I’m thrilled like I don’t think understand how difficult it was just to go to 500 subscribers so we definitely have been picking up some momentum once we got to 200 it seemed like it started steam rolling after that we went from 200 to 500 in no time at all in fact by time you’re seeing this we may even be over 600 at that point so so here’s what I’m getting at so it definitely means to celebrate thank you so much for for supporting the channel and sticking with me through all this but here’s the thing now I’ve got for selfish reasons bein any reasons whatever the case may be there is a there’s a YouTube play button once you get to a thousand subscribers it’s called the opal play button it’s in a plaque and it’s got it’ll have a old fitness on there and it’ll have the play button and it’s opal and that’s something for vanity reasons only for selfish reasons only I want that I literally want that so here’s the question for you guys you ready for it are you willing to help me get it maybe you’re asking yourself how can I help well I’ll tell you how you can help so when I share this on social media on Facebook on Instagram wherever if you share it or invite people to subscribe to the channel whatever like all that little stuff matters and then here’s the thing like double check for yourself to make sure that you’re even subscribed it’s possible that you’re just watching the videos you’re not even subscribe I don’t think you understand how important it is for me and the algorithm for you to be subscribed and watch the videos it just all adds up and it matters and so again strictly for vanity reasons I want that plaque guys and I need your help so my question to you is are you gonna help I think you are alright guys so on today’s video we’re breaking out the airfryer I’ve never used it before so don’t judge me don’t hold it against me we’re gonna try this thing out are you guys cue the intro [Music] what’s going on guys Anthony Owens here welcome back to another video today we’re gonna do something different something I’ve never done before and I’m hoping that you guys can drop in the comments your ideas or your suggestions we are gonna unbox an air fryer I mean everyone’s always talking about fried this fried that fried this an air fryer and I thought man that would be cool to have so picked one up on like Amazon and got it shipped in and so we’re gonna put something together for the air fryer I don’t know how it’s gonna go this is my first time so let’s go and get this thing opened up so here it is guys I had no idea how massive this thing is I think that the normal ones like two quarts this one’s four quarts good news is for you guys I’m gonna be able to cook enough food to feed the a low Fitness squad alright so [Music] [Music] so now that we have an unboxed should we read the directions or should we just go him and just start throwing in there and fingers crossed hope for the best okay so cool thing is this air fryer does come with a whole bunch of like recipes and things like that of things you can make like jalapeno poppers bacon and pepper breakfast hash that is something that I am absolutely gonna try breakfast pockets spice rub chicken breast with Chim Cheree is that you say that I don’t even know so anyways we have some fun with this today we’ve got I’m just gonna keep it simple we’re gonna do like some chicken tenderloins of chicken that little we’re gonna make chicken nuggets basically a chicken chicken fingers is what we’re gonna do and then we’ve got some asparagus and then somebody on the ail Fitness recommended that we do sweet potato french fries that I’m just gonna be honest that sounds really good I’m actually looking forward to that so let’s see we got asparagus sweet potato french fries and some chicken so let’s get it all prepped up and then we’re just going to throw it in there like I said Biggers crossed hope for the best and then just because we can we’re gonna make some fried pickles so I did pick up some panko breadcrumbs they’re like high in carbs but not from sugar so we’re gonna just do it just because we can so I think I might make them a spicy too so alright guys so let me let’s go this prepared and then we’ll throw it in there for you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right yes so I gotta get the timing down on this so the goal is to kind of put everything in there together so here we go so let’s see like green beans they don’t have a spare so green beans says eight to ten minutes cool like handle that chicken breast would be 375 at 25 to 35 minutes like how do you know and you know how long to put the stuff in so your green beans a sweet potato and they sell here where’s the lab we took what they it though so you’re like I said wheat the potatoes there they are super tato so 15 to 20 minutes so I’ve got to get the I got any minute I gotta figure out what to put in for how long and what can we just say like 20 minutes and just throw it all in there no asparagus all right so sparing us up pull out in 10 minutes everything else I’m just gonna go 20 minutes I like 400 or something hope for the best [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so fairly certain that I jumped the gun and didn’t meet the instruction so we’re gonna see how this turns out but like it does say with the vegetables and the meat to use a little bit of oil in there I I would prefer to use some MCT oil the good bets and maybe seasoned it ahead of time but oh well we’ll see how it goes we’ve got like just a couple more minutes before we dig into it so cool and then we’ll get into the bright pickles yeah that’s pretty crispy so even without the oil that’s not too bad haha that piece of chicken just grew up together the dogs would get it everything looks pretty good here I think if I would have had some oil I think it would have came out a little bit better but this doesn’t look bad at all and that’s without any seasoning or oil or anything so not too better let’s dig in see what it looks like [Music] [Music] I bet so that’s been my experience with the airfryer I think I’ve got a little bit more homework to do a little bit more research because then not everything kind of mix mixed feelings mixed reviews so I think that’s my own fault I didn’t really pay attention that the cook time stuff like that but I do have to tell you hands down the sweet potato fries holy hell those are delicious those are amazing I don’t have to put oil in it like that I did use the Tennessee whiskey feast mode seasoning and that’s like Game Change done I will probably never ever ever have sweet potatoes other than in the airfryer again that was really good let’s see the chicken was super dry that’s I just needed oil or something like that I’ve got to fine tune that asparagus was a definite no-go guys can you please help me tell me I know you guys are using the airfryer the the vegetable tray thing to do the asparagus so tell me like how long has to be in there time oil what do you guys do let me know and then the fight pickles not too bad left to middle a bit long but definitely the the a Seco jalapeno be smooth that was legit so I don’t know guys I’m gonna keep trying if you guys have any recipes or like something simple or like the time still like that or like a hack that you figured out leave them in the comments below guys I hope you have an amazing day and thanks again for tuning in watching the video guys get out there hit to something epic

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