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NuWave Brio 14Q Digital Air Fryer Oven 30 Day Review (14 Quart)

Video Transcript

hi this is sorry lol recipes and it’s time for my 30-day review of the new wave Rio 14 Q this is a 14 quart digital airfryer oven and the folks at new wave and so basically this is where I give after using it for a while my feelings about it and how its performed on cooks and how I compared to other cookers if you have questions about functions and features of this cooker there is a very in-depth video that was done that deals basically every detail of every function and everything and there’s testing of the temperature and such in that video you can check that out for any questions you have about functions features or how to use this and that with this cooker that video has all of that but this particular video is just a basic 30-day review and I will mention in that other video for the one that has all the details of function and features the first comment in that video is a table of contents it’s a long video but you can look at that first comment of that video and it’s table of contents of jump you run to any section that you might be interested in as far as the functions features overview and the initial testing that I did with this cooker but I want to send a basically in general this is a good air fryer oven it works really nice it cooks things really well known this could hurt they can air fry it can bake they can grill I can rotisserie it can cook things from fresh or frozen it can be hydrate it’s a good cooker and all the way on since it can do pretty much everything pretty decent as far as how fast it cooks things it cooks things on the fast and it’s a hot side cooker so think of this more on the end as far as hotness is like the Cuisinart digital toaster oven the new way primo it cooks things pretty hot and fast it’s uh not it’s kind of slow or really lower in temperature cooker that cooks things and even though you set a temperature it seems like it’s cooking a little lower like the new way Bravo cooks things seems a little lower as far as the temp even though you Center the tent like 400 degrees in this cooker things turn out hotter and faster than like 400 degrees in the new wake Bravo exile smut and some cookers just tend to cook Hobbit and others even with a pre and recipes from other air fryers and digital and from and they work very well in this cooker so you know if you really move that is from another air fryer you were interested in recipes and you saw him for another air fryer would probably work out very well in this cooker now let’s talk about smoke this cooker handles smoke very well I’ve cooked and there’s a video out already on the channel where I cooked a good bit of bacon in here and it came out very well came out very fast cooked it at 400 degrees which is the next temperature this cook can do and it did very well with no smoke issues at all so this cooker can handle you know maintaining a good cook without making a bunch of smoke and you can basically when you’re cooking things like let’s say some fried chicken or something you can spray it with your cooking spread you’re not going to produce a bunch of smoke but if you do something that wouldn’t go over the natural slope point for a boil then you’re going to have a problem and that’s something to consider I do have a video on a mistake book coming out where actually gives evidence of that basically the smoke point for like extra virgin olive oils 374 degrees Fahrenheit although I do at times you know cook with the oil and cook things really hot too fast sometimes you can go beyond the natural slope ointment just is going to produce a lot of smoke I didn’t experience that with this cooker when I was cooking some steaks I put them on the like one of the higher racks so it would be close to that heating element it was running at 400 you know things got hot in there so it just ran past the natural smoke point for the oil I don’t fault the cooker for that I more fault myself for that but you kind of don’t know until you do it with a cooker some cookers you can get away with that some cook as you can but in this case it produced a tonnage of smoke but when I did the rest of that cook with that state those steaks a little lower they still you know how to hold on them I put them a little lower and continue to cook at the same hot temperature no oil was produced at all I mean Oh swell sorry no smoke was produced at all so it doesn’t make you know doesn’t have a smoke problem I would say I did do another cook of steaks where I didn’t use any oil at all and just season them and put them up high and those cook very nice with no problem no smoke at all so I would say this cooker really doesn’t have any smoke management issues but if you’re gonna put a lot of oil in there you don’t want to put whatever you’re cooking it has a lot of oil up you know close to the heating elements because then you probably will produce a bunch of smoke if you’re gonna put a lot of oil on some put it down lower and you’ll probably be okay and that was been my experience with trying to use oil in the cooker and the tourist oils you can uh you know if you want to use a law that has a much higher smoke point and extra ring probably do you something like avocado oil but then there’s an expense there you know those with the high smoke point are a high expense although extra virgin olive oil is pretty expensive gonna know itself um you know it’s all your choice and what you want to do and how much you want to put out to get accomplished what you desire to accomplish now this cooker everything that I’ve thrown at it it’s been able to cook it just fun and well um you know whether it’s state chicken bacon you name it whatever I throw at it or anything that I’ve had to bake or behind rate and this videos coming of all of this you know no problems at all with this cooker knocking it out a good job but one thing to keep in mind is that this is an air fryer primarily you have to consider it like an air fryer although it cooks everything that I’ve thrown at it well things do come out a little drier than they would from say the NuWave Oven Pro or the New Wave Primo that have that dome that kind of just I don’t know holiday design it just locks in the moisture everything comes out of it you know the new wave of acro new material is just super moist I’ll get into more of that in the comparison later but you know it being an air fryer things come out just a little drier than they would from like if you use – a new wave oven type of cooker so that’s something to consider there but still everything turns out really great to me this cooker can see really nicely on the top temperatures 400 degrees Fahrenheit it’s CF function is also 400 degrees for a night so you don’t really need the seer function if each is cooking something at 400 degrees Fahrenheit anyway gonna put a nice sear on it and you know I did some steaks it put a real nice sear on them so it does a good job searing when you need to see her but I found what I’m cooking with this cooker it doesn’t always overcook on the top too much like if you’re trying to bake something if you’re trying to bake something you put it in lower and you use a lower temperature and you preheat first it’s not going to really overcook or over burn your top I know what I did like a pumpkin pie in the power and fry of it’ll eat it was really overcooked on the top I’m fired I haven’t got a pumpkin pie in here yet but I have done some baking and what I found is that I’m not getting an overcooked top like I would from something like power therefore our oven type of cooker so it does a good job of sealing but at the same time you bring that it down to put something down lower it’s not gonna like over burn your tops too fast in my opinion now the rotisserie on this cooker works really nice i rotisserie a 5 pound chicken and it turned out good video is coming so you can’t put a five pound chicken in here and we’re at it it will come out decent and you know have a real nice crisp skin also when it comes to baking this cooker can hold a full nine inch pot hand so you know you can cook things that have a larger size pan and you would be able to put in something like a power of four on an elite and it can cook it up its death on the diameter and dimensions and I’ve detailed those in my earlier video you can’t get like a 12-inch pizza in here but you can get something like you know 10-inch type of stuff and manage type stuff you can pretty much get in here and do a pretty good job hooking it up now critical thing in this cooker works out really nice I’ve had zero issues with the probe it’s cooked everything that I used the probe to cook to a specific temperature and have it shut off automatically to perfection so the probe works nice you just got to remember on this cooker gonna hold the probe button for two seconds before you start setting your probe temperature to fully and voke the probe feature so it’ll auto shut off like you want when it reaches the target temperature now in this cooler being a air fryer it does make some noise it’s loud but I wouldn’t say it’s an intolerable loud um and I’ll talk about it more later but like the power of frog and three sixties allowed was just an intolerable type of loud for me personally but this in like the power F Robin elite and other and fries they have a typical air fryer loudness and this one has that typical type of air for our loudness is it’s trying to have a fan work and move air all over the place and speaking of the fan you do want to be careful if you have something that might move around a lot don’t have it up too high if you have something that might you know like if you’re doing a pizza with pepperonis on it you probably don’t want to have it up too high Lord you know your pepperonis might start flying off and there is a pizza cook coming but you know if you put it down lower things down lower that might fly around a lot don’t move around as much if you put them lower but they will move around a lot if you put a real close to that fan though you know stuck being move around a bit now far as cleaning this cooker the clinic is it’s pretty easy but there are some things to consider the removable door is a very nice feature just have this storage you can just pull out I’ll just pop it off in here you can pull it out and clean that that’s a pretty nice feature to have to be able to pull the door off and and clean it makes cleaning a lot easier the only thing about this door is that it’s kind of like got two panes of glass and so things can get in between streaks just like streets can get in between the panes of glass I haven’t been able to clean those off but it’s okay all the same so when it comes to cleaning this also they recommend that all the removable parts to be put into the top rack of your dishwasher and cleaned in your dishwasher but I found that the removable parts no matter how to turn them they’re too high and too wide to fit into the top wrap of my dishwasher so I have to watch this fully by hand when I wash it and something that I found is these nice wraps they can hold a good bit of stuff in them you know the spins drip off into them and gets kind of that you know crusty because it’s cooking so hot and such you can have a bit of a chore trying to clean you have a bit of store trying to clean these things off and so that takes a dip bit of elbow grease a good bit of work cleaning those off that’s something considered you know these may not fit did Toprak where they recommend you put them they don’t recommend you putting down bottom in your dishwasher so you know trying to clean these by hand takes a bit of elbow grease at work but other than these racks that’s probably the hardest part to clean are these racks the interior never really gets a lot of stain on it and it’s real easy to wipe off it’s all metal interior just wipes off real easy as smooth the drip pan you know it catches a lot of the greases whether it is all the grease down bobbin and stuff so I never have any problems you know just removing that grease pan babies soaking a little while cleaning out cleans out easy nothing else gets down to the bottom underneath that grease pan never had issues like that so it’s pretty easy cleaning the door you know you can remove it and wash it off it’s pretty easy cleaning but these mess racks will be a bit of a chore for you depending on what you’re cooking all right so now it’s time to compare this new weight Braille 14 Q digital in front of into other cookers I do have some notes because I want to make sure that I plant everything that I found in my use of this cooker and kept in comparison with others that you’ve seen me use in the past so we’ll start out with comparing this to the power half rather than 360 also known in my opinion as the Emeril Lagasse power half round 360 because the me big power the front persisting in world Gossie power in front 360 to meet on the exact same cook on the found the difference if there’s a difference between the two of them somebody let me know in a comment other than the name branding on those cookers but compared to that to me the new weight Brio 14 q is better because it has programs it has a probe feature it can hold more food in this new weight breeder that you got the racks you got three levels of wraps you can hold more weight more overall than the power and from an 360 line and it’s as I mentioned not as an annoying type of loudness as the power in from and 360 this one has more of a typical air for our allowed the cell doing dehydration and this this drug is crazy doing the hydration in this as it did during the hydration in the power in frog with 360 in hand that fan going for hours and hours on in now compared to the power in front of an elite cooker this new a real 14 Q is better than me because and as the probe feature has pearl you don’t have probe and programs and like the power in front of an elite it can also this new way of real 14 Q can hold more food and so you can see like the Nashville hot chicken tenders and wings video that I did all that chicken that it cooked up and one cook I really really like that because you know when I cook I like to cook big a lot of stuff and so being able to cook a whole lot was real beneficial for me using the new a real 14 cute and also the new way of real 14 q as I mentioned earlier bakes better in my opinion in the power of problem now compared to the new way Bravo Excel Smart Oven airfryer I had a little trouble with deciding which I like better I really did because this does a lot of things pretty well better than like a power of fragment elite which I like to Bravo more than the Power & froggin elite but this one it was kind of close but I ended up deciding that the new way Brown was better than the new way trail 14 Q because it has the top and bottom heating elements and you know the top and bottom heating control is a real nice feature you don’t have that here and you know so you’re kind of you know hope and the bottom gets cooked well enough and I’ve been able to cook the bottom well enough on things usually if I want to make sure the bottoms cook you can preheat with this cooker and you can put what you want to cook and get the bottom heated well on the very bottom and so that I mean on the bottom on the UH the actual grease prep grease captured like put it on the grease catcher and it can cook it up I’ll show you when I bring out my chicken pot pie homemade chicken pot pie video I put that casserole dish on the very bottom on the you know let the grease capture hold it and so that grease capture being metal gets hot it with the preheat and then cooking it stays hot and so then her cook the bottom of my chicken pot pie but still all the same I felt that the new way Bravo came to better job for you of cooking both sides in my opinion and to me the new way to Bravo actually smart of an airfryer is still the best countertop baker that I’ve ever used to me I mean the price is great for the new way Bravo what they’re selling that and it if you’re just doing a lot of baking I’m gonna get the new way Bravo no God but for airfryer you know this is a chimp right here for just you know if you’re just into airfryer and basically overall between the new weight brown-black so smart on their frying the new weight bring up I’d say overall the new Inc Bravo kind of gets it by the edge to me kind of wins by by the nose to me over all over the Brio now comparing it to basket and fryers like the Philips airfryer double XL the new way it feels better because I can actually see my food you know there’s a door window and see my food unlike those best in airfryer it has the probe it holds lore and has programs so definitely the new Brito 14 q to me blows all the basket air fryers out of the water no question now compare it to the new wave of a crow I feel the new way the Brio is better because it has a probe it has programs it has a preheat function if you so desire to use that this is just a much newer cooker than the new wave of approach so you know with all the new features and functions this beats up the new with on curling my opinion now look to prepare the new wave real 14 q to my one that I last declared champion the new ways primo grill oven compared to the new wave pretty little girl oven I still prefer the new wave primo grill oven over the new ways primo 14 q DD new wait on primo girl oven can put the grill marks down it has top and bottom eating you have moisture food and it can hold a 30-pound Turkey I mean you know like the ribs that I cooked that you saw in the new wave primo you come out super moist there’s a real cook coming for this as well but those ribs come out a little drier even though I used the same method and cook them for six hours in this cooker here they still come out a little dry because an airfryer so my overall champ the new way primo is still the best of them all to me I mean if you want to know and everybody asked hey what’s their favorite cooker what’s the best way new way primo is the best one the new wick primo grill oven is the best one to meet it may not be the best to you but it is to me that’s just my personal view but if you’re just looking for a great airfryer if you’re looking for a great airfryer they can do a little baking for you I would definitely recommend getting a new weight Brio you know I like the new a primo grill because I like to do the grilling thing to put those grill marks down so if you’re just looking for a nice airfryer that can do a little baking this is cool you know if your primary thing is airfryer I’d say go with the new way trio 14 kill if you want to be able to have the best everything get the new wake primo girl oven if you just do a lot of baking get the new way bravo Excel Smart Oven different and you know ironically even though I use a lot of cookers I just rattled off three great cookers all made by the same company I don’t work for them and they don’t give me a time to make these videos you know they don’t give me them caught me anything so um it’s just the way it goes it’s just I’m just finding that they have the best stuff out there for the different uses from what I’ve used so I’ll say with that aside from like your convection oven type cookers like the new egg Bravo exhale sweat of an air fryer or the Breville Smart of an airtight cooker other than those this new weight breno 14 Q is the best of cookers for you know all the other things you want to do of course as I mentioned newett primo my opinion either but it’s a great cooker – great airfryer I mean there’s so many great options out there now I don’t feel you can go wrong but this one you can fit so much in I mean like you can fit more in this then you can in the new wait Bravo to do some cooking so if you’re doing a lot of air frying again I’m the highly recommend this person right now in my kitchen it’s all about the Primo first and if I’m doing a lot of airfryer I’m doing it in the New Wave Brio 14 Q I’m also still doing you know it’s got the rotisserie you can rotisserie stuff I’m doing some other cooking this uh new way to bring awesome and there’s still a lot of videos coming up you know probably in my house the way I see it now probably doing a lot of work with the Primo and the Brio you know depending on what it is it’ll be Primo Brielle primo Rio so you’re probably seeing a lot of that because those are do me some great cookers then are going down right now although you know we never know what might come next anyway I do hope that you like this video you can always find plenty of recipes heating instructions for all your types of air fryers and different types of cookers and super wave oven recipes calm you can always come to this youtube channel directly by going the wave of our recipes calm you want Twitter Instagram it wave oven recipes you can find referral links for this cook and others in the description box below those links you pay the same price at amazon that you’ll always pay but you help this channel tremendously when you buy through the referral links and my Hamazon influential shop is at slash shop / whaling recipes also if you like this video please give it a thumbs up share the video with a friend let’s hear your comments subscribe to the channel hit the notification belt and good eating

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