NOKUN Egg Cooker Stainless Steel Timed Egg Cooker Steamed Egg Machine Automatic Power Off Double Double Breakfast Machine

Product Description

Eight function menus
Eggs about 16-21 minutes
Egg tarts about 16-18 minutes
Buns about 15-20 minutes
Corn about 20-25 minutes
Pork ribs about 20-25 minutes
Disinfect for about 15-20 minutes
Dumplings about 15-20 minutes
Steamed fish for about 16-20 minutes

Product Features

  • Double layer combination, long corn can also steam
  • Most brands on the market use inferior 304 stainless steel, which is used to precipitate harmful heavy metals.
  • Selected high quality food grade 304 stainless steel, food grade 304, no fear of manganese
  • An irreplaceable girl’s heart, food grade 304 stainless steel is always different
  • Baked out healthy and good nutrition, good quality 750W high power