NOKUN Family Three-in-One Retro Breakfast Machine, Toaster Oven Pan Three-in-One Multi-Function Breakfast Center, Regular, Pink

Product Description

Quick breakfast, laid-after afternoon tea, exquisite snacks, everything, coffee machine, electric oven, frying pan three in one.
    * Professional oven, can be heated for 60 minutes, oven and frying pan can be made independently; with non-stick tray, removable slag tray, stainless steel panel to improve quality.

    *Multiple use of one machine, whether the brewing machine is an oven or a frying pan, and the Western breakfast is only 5 minutes.

 【product description】

*It integrates the oven, frying pan and coffee pot, and can work at the same time or separately;

* Large aperture visual window;

*Up and down quartz heating tube, uniform heat and long life;

*Removable baking tray to increase the food placement area;

*15 minutes time switch, easy to operate, safe and convenient;

*Removable chip tray for easy cleaning;
*Power: 750

Product Features

  • The baking tray, grill and non-stick tray are made of high quality stainless steel, clean, hygienic and easy to clean.
  • High temperature resistant tempered glass door, can withstand temperatures above 300 degrees, safer to use
  • Transparent glass lid frying pan, more stylish and beautiful, quickly fry steak, can shorten cooking time
  • The glass jug is made of high-pump silica glass with good thermal stability and chemical stability.
  • 30 minutes of rotating timing, easy to control the baking time, to meet the baking time without food, let you easily master