ROVKA Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, 3.16 Inches Wide Chute Cold Press Juicer for Easy Juice and Clean, High Juice Yield for Fruit and Vegetable

Product Description

ROVKA Slow Masticating Juicer J706

80 mm Wide Chute

Design with 80 mm wide chute for more easy putting ingredients into the slow juicer, save more preparation time and help reduce cleanup time.

Higher Juice Yield, More Nutrition Value

Unique arranged holes help squeezing more juice and preserve more nutrition for you.

Make Everything Easier

Detachable Auger Design make it easier to take apart the filter and auger, easier cleaning all parts of the slow masticating juicer.

Longer Product Life

Design with reverse function and overload protection system make our juicer machine have a longer product life.

Low Noise Cold Press Juicer

The juicer processes at 60 rpm and 60 db, let you enjoy your comfortable juicing.


Product Size: 7.8 x 5.9 x 20 inches

Voltage:110-120 Volt

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

RPM: 65 rpm

Weight: 8.8 lb

Power cord length: 63 inch

After-Sales Service Mailbox:


■ There will be a bit pulp in the juice. It’s common that the pulp in the juice and it’s good for pulp lovers. If you need to remove the pulp with the filter or a cloth, use the pulp(from the juice) to make cake, rice, soup, etc. No nutrition waste!

■ The ingredients should not be too hard or too soft. Too hard ingredients like beetroots, gingers and veggies like celery, they should be cut thinly or their fibers will clog the pulp spout. Too soft ingredients like bananas, mangoes are difficult to squeeze.

■ Because it is a household juicer, it is recommended not to use the juicer for more than 20 minutes and the motor would shot down automatically due to the overload protection system. Please let it cool down for an hour and it would work again.

Product Features

  • 【3.15 Inches Wide Chute】 Easily accommodates large ingredients, greatly reduce your preparation and clean up time. Less chopping of the ingredients also helps to reduce oxidation
  • 【Higher Juice Yield and Pure Taste】 Extracts 30% more Juice than Centrifugal juicers, ROVKA slow juicer will give you more juice and drier pulp, no extra wasting. (Orange 85-90%, Pear 78-83%, Apple 70-75%, Celery 74-78%, Carrot 42-48%)
  • 【Unique 3 in 1 Auger Design】 Unlike other juicers, ROVKA slow juicer makes the grinder, filter and brush integrate into one Auger which make the Cutting, Squeezing and Extracting all together. Thanks to simple design, it takes only 2 mins to disassemble and clean!
  • 【Higher Nutrition Value】 Our masticating juicer spins at 65 RPM and preserves more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from being destroyed. Extracts more juice and less oxidation compared with centrifugal juicers, gives you more healthier original juice.
  • 【ROVKA 2 Years Warranty】 All parts (stainless steel filter, the silicone components, auger and juice bowl) are made of BPA-Free baby food grade materials. Product is backed up by 2 years warranty; You can still enjoy our 24 hours customer service.