Friday , August 14th 2020
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Best Over The Range Microwave – Good for RV, Dorm, and Small Spaces

Video Transcript

[Music] in this video we will explain how some features on your lg over-the-range microwave oven can help with your cooking needs whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or need an alarm to set a reminder your over the range microwave oven is equipped with the timer feature you can utilize this function by simply pressing the timer button located on the keypad enter your desired countdown time let’s say five minutes for example enter numbers five zero zero and press Start your microwave oven will beep after the five minute countdown to notify you that time is up if you want to utilize the timer function while cooking with your microwave oven select the timer button set the countdown time where I start you can toggle back and forth between the cooking and timer display by pressing or holding the timer button when you want to start heating your food quickly at maximum power setting you can use the at thirty Seconds feature of your over the range microwave oven this feature will automatically start the microwave oven at full power for thirty seconds you can toggle the at thirty Seconds button to extend the remaining cooking time by thirty seconds when you’re heating something in the microwave up in a field that it may need some additional cook time or if the cook time you set was too long you can use the plus minus buttons to adjust a cooking time once the microwave oven has started to cook you can press the plus button to add another 10 seconds to the cook time or press the minus button to subtract 10 seconds from the remaining cook time LG’s energy saving feature saves energy by turning off the display when not in use you can activate this feature by pressing the energy-saving button located on your over the range microwave oven you can turn on the display by selecting any button on the control panel or simply by opening the door by utilizing these equipped features properly you will come to learn how easy cooking with your lg over the range of microwave oven can be thank you for watching our customer support video we hope you enjoy your LG experience hello guys today I’m gonna be doing review on LG over the range microwave it’s a very beautiful microwave so let’s look inside I will cover as many things as possible inside we have nonstick coating very easy to clean and just need a cloth just wipe it it comes right off we have a very powerful transformer here and the model number here is LM at m-223 7 st 4 stainless steel it comes with 4 different speed of exhaust fan one two and the third one is high the fourth is turbo it does have a very good night light with the option of changing the D minute so it’s just like by clicking twice let’s try some of the cooking with the touch sensor popcorn maybe there you go [Music] I can definitely say this is one of the reason we bought this microwave is because of this external vent the the previous microwave we had they used to get greasy dirty with this we just pop it open the vent falls down as you can see in this video and when we’re done using we just push it right back and as you can see the vent goes right back with it it’s awesome no one can notice is there it looks amazing everyone comes to our house and of it as you can see the smoke this is the exhaust fan on the second level of speed we don’t mostly we don’t need to use turbo only when we’re using all the burners other than that as you can see is sucking everything in no food smell I would suggest highly suggest to go online and check the reviews satisfies yourself then purchase it but I pretty much cover everything so please subscribe to this channel so I can post more videos and if you liked it please hit the like button thank you [Applause] you

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