Can You Do All Your Cooking in a Microwave Oven?

Video Transcript

welcome to tip tester I’m Andy and I’m Madeline and today we’re going to be testing some microwave cooking X for our first hack we’re gonna try to make microwavable popcorn without using a prepackaged microwavable bag what do you think Andy it’s just popcorn so it’s gonna pop whether it’s good or not we’ll see alright now we’re gonna mix half a cup of popcorn with half a teaspoon of oil and half a teaspoon of salt mix it up real good then we’re gonna throw it in a bag fold it over a couple times you don’t want through the popping corn to escape the bag you’re right you never want the popping corn just get the best sleep from Papa tres that’s a stretch and then we’re gonna microwave it for two to four minutes well that’s a bag of popcorn popcorn that’s a full on bag of popcorn and it smells like the movies whoa it’s pops its corn I’m gonna try and be a little hot please be careful look at that that’s beautiful it’s a little dry maybe you need a more loyal or butter something okay it’s pretty good next we’re going to try to make potato chips in the microwave potato chips in the microwave I know so first we’re going to slice the potato into thin slices briefly with a mandolin or a sharp knife watch those fingers Andy that’s fun we have our potato slices and you want to rinse them off in water to get rid of the starch so I’m going to rinse them a little bit we’re learning here is that potatoes are filthy potatoes are feel see the potatoes I’m putting on a plate with a paper towel sandy yeah could this be a healthy option compared to regular potato chips it could potentially be a very healthy option because these aren’t deep fried and there’s no orange dust like you know like Doritos have I’m intrigued some people like the dust so I have my potatoes on a plate I’m going to add some salt for flavor and now we’re going to put our potato slices in the microwave for about three minutes chef those look like some pretty nice baked potatoes first impressions visually they are quite potato chippy I’m going to try to eat one no end that’s pleasantly normal I think mine was really good for our next hack we’re gonna try out making brownies in a coffee cup which is a pretty popular time-tested thing we’re just going to kind of see how it works out for us I love a brownie in the morning he loves a brownie in the morning a cup of brownie so first we’re gonna take a microwavable mug and then add about half a cup of brownie mix now this one is just sugar flour and cocoa or you could just use a premade store-bought mix so we’re gonna add that to the cup and then we’re gonna add a quarter cup of water then you’re gonna add two tablespoons of oil and a few dashes of vanilla extract that looks appetizing then we mix it up honors sure lump-free that’s my motto and then we’re just gonna put it in the microwave for one to two minutes it’s looking pretty cakey in there maybe like a cup of cake do you undergo before can you give it a go sure we also do some brownie moist I feel like it’s something that like Donna in accounting would be all over it is typical Donna it could be like it’s your birthday and no one brought you okay you’re alone on your birthday it is a it is a decent single serving of cake yeah I think that’s pretty good for our next tip we’re going to try making crispy bacon in the microwave by draping it over a bowl while going it’s gonna make a grease fountain so you put a bowl on top of the plates invert the bowl and then you drape some bacon atop the bowl I love handling raw meat now this seems like it’s probably a two strip Mac system right yeah there’s not a lot of room so you can only make about two or three strips so we’re going to cook the bacon for two minutes in the microwave that’s some ugly bacon I gotta say that is very ugly I mean it looks like what it is which is always not the goal with me I’ll take it a bit of it and try I’ll let you do that not bad bacon and some of the grease did flow off of the bacon and onto the plate so there’s that I think it could work if you just like really cooked it yeah you want full hog of course you could also just put the bacon out on a plate on a paper towel it’s another way to cook it people added something maybe but not really it added like extra dishes how do you feel about these microwave hacks I feel pretty good about most of them I thought the potato chips were pretty good yeah that popcorn was like refresh yeah and the brownie was also pretty tasty I mean I don’t think I would do it necessarily right but if you don’t have a stove or an oven they all actually works except for the bacon it’s not that crispy which is unacceptable in the lifehacker Test Kitchen

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