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Cooking Meatloaf in the Toshiba Convection Microwave Oven

Video Transcript

hey everybody Jeremy here and in this video I am going to be making a traditional meatloaf using only this microwave right here now it’s not a typical microwave it’s a convection microwave made by Toshiba and the cool thing about convection microwaves is they allow you to bake inside of them because it contains a heating element as well as a fan and that fan blows the hot air all around the inside and it’s gonna help you to cook your food more evenly and more efficiently and you don’t have to worry about heating up your entire house like you would with a regular oven but if you wanted to use it as a typical microwave you can still do that the functionality is still there so I want to say thank you to Medea of the company that owns sociable appliances we’re sending this out to me so that I can show you exactly what you can do inside of it so this meatloaf is gonna be pretty good if I do say so myself so without further ado let me show you how you can put it together and cook it in a convection microwave oven first thing that we’re gonna do is prepare this meat and then once that’s done I’m also gonna make a topping to go over it before I put it in the convection microwave this is one pound of ground beef which is enough to feed about two people and if you’re just feeding yourself maybe a few servings of meatloaf so you can season yours with whatever you want regular salt and pepper you got something special that you want to use it’s all up to you I’m also going to keep it simple but not as simple it’s kosher salt and pepper only thing that I’m just going to be using it’s good old traditional lowery seasoned salt and I’m also going to use some pepper on that as well so that’s the first thing I’m going to do when it comes to making meatloaf you can use a spoon if you want to get stuff all mixed in but I think that it’s just better overall to just get your hands in there now this isn’t too bad the way that we have it now but once we start adding all the other ingredients is gonna get a really slippery real quick so I can’t really tell you exactly how much seasoning to put on it kind of just becomes one of those things that you just kind of get a feel for you’ll kind of know when enough is enough so you know just don’t go too heavy but you know be kind of generous with it so I’m gonna finish seasoning all this up and then we’re gonna add some more ingredients next I have a couple of different vegetables I’m going to put over in there this is about 1/4 of a large onion and 1 bell pepper that I cut up and diced so I’m gonna put all that in here I’m also gonna crack an egg and put the whole egg in there too and I also have this can of petite diced tomatoes in tomato juice I’m not gonna put the whole can in there maybe about half maybe a little less than half we’ll see how it works out in the end so let’s just plop some of this over in there too and let’s give this a good mix in with the hands so as you can see you know everything is really liquidy and slippery really no good way to make a loaf out of this that’s why we are going to add some breadcrumbs this is about half a cup of breadcrumbs and I’m going to work that in there and if I need to add more I will but let’s just get this all worked in and this looks like it’s gonna be enough for us to actually be able to form an actual loaf out of this all right look at that so that our half a cup of breadcrumbs really help to bind everything together like this so we can make this into a loaf so we’re gonna do that and put it inside of our baking dish this is my glass loaf pan I actually just bought this today I’m gonna take this big hunk of meat we’re gonna put it in here but we need to shape it so that you know it’s in the form of a meat loaf it’s really easy to form so don’t worry about it doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical all the way around you know just as long as this in that loaf shape should only take just you know a few seconds to do this here’s our topping it’s about 1/4 cup of ketchup half a tablespoon of mustard and then by one and a half ish so tablespoons of brown sugar we’re just gonna mix that up and put it right over the top of the meatloaf and because this is a sauce you can always taste it and then adjust it according to your own personal taste but this tastes pretty good to me so now I’m just gonna spread it over the meatloaf now that the meatloaf prep is done we need to preheat the convection microwave but let me just give you a quick little look on the inside of it it’s got some really nice clear LED lighting that’s one of my favorite features on this thing and it also comes with a couple of these racks here this one is the one that sits closer to the bottom and there’s another one that’s higher so in order to start the convection process we are going to do this hit the convection button and then if you continue to press it it’ll give you the various temperatures that you can choose from as you can see it goes all the way up to 425 degrees so we’re going to set this at 375 hit the start button to confirm press it again to start it’s gonna be twice once it’s done preheating and then when that’s done we’re going to stick the meatloaf in the preheating on this is done so I’m going to open it up and I’m gonna get my meatloaf I’m gonna keep the rack in there just because I’m gonna sit this down on the rack close it up and now we get to set the time and I will come back and check it in about 45 minutes or so just to see what the temperature is so now just press Start and it counts down so uh I see in 45 minutes to an hour I let this cook for the full hour and this is how it turned out the internal temperature is about a hundred and seventy degrees so it’s good to go I have just started to dig into this meatloaf and let me tell you it is really good that sauce goes perfectly with the meatloaf and I think that that brown sugar adds just another wonderful element to it just a little bit of sweet but it’s not overwhelming at all so very nice compliment to the Dijon mustard that I use as well as the ketchup and I also like what the onions bring to it as well because to me the onions it almost like brings like a moisture somewhat to it because I’ve tried making this without the onions and with onions and with the onions the meatloaf just always seems to be a little bit more tender now one thing that I did not show you is that once it comes out of the convection oven yes there is going to be a decent amount of grease that has built up in there of course how much it is depends on the type of ground beef that you get but um yeah I just took that out and then I drained the grease so that won’t be a problem but this is one good meatloaf and you see I’ve already eaten half of it since I had to recharge my camera but yeah guys that is how you make a pretty traditional meatloaf inside of the toshiba convection microwave oven and of course i’m going to leave a link to where you can find this in the description so that you can check it out for yourself and i really think that it is a great choice for you to make if you’re looking to convection bake but you don’t want a regular big convection oven maybe you’re just looking for another microwaving you want this as a feature so you won’t have to heat up your home whenever you use your oven this is something to look into and you can still use the regular microwave functions as well so thank you all so much for watching this and until next time I’m Jeremy and I’ll talk to you later

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