Tuesday , July 14th 2020
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Hotpoint SUPREMECHEF MWH338SX Combination Microwave Oven Review

Video Transcript

I am welcome back to another video you’re joining me back in the kitchen once again to take a look at the hot point MWh 3 3 8 sx microwave oven and combination it offers a raft of different functions features and accessories it covers everything you could ever want from being able to crisp fry some chips or some potato wedges through to creating meringues marshmallows jacket potatoes you name it this can pretty much do everything that you could ever want it’s a supreme chef as Hotpoint brandy it offers out all sorts of intelligent ways of cooking different programs and settings and also as well the ability to customize the different cooking levels that you have so I think the first thing to do is take a look at it in a little bit more depth and let’s do a little bit of cooking [Music] so this microwave combi oven from Hotpoint offers a vast array of different ways to be able to cook using its 33 liter space it can give you a wide range of different ways to actually cook what you would like whether it be a case of popping in some wedges for an evening movie or popping in some fish for an evening meal it gives you a huge array of different ways to be able to cook the things that you really like but also as well the ability to have the combination capability of having the grill in there the microwave but also as well the oven capability really takes it to that next level so I think what we need to do is come off a few of the things that come with it and then we’ll go into a little bit more depth so in the box what we have is the actual machine itself we have various other things such as we have a grill raised grill bed now this will allow you to be able to actually have things such as maybe you want and some veg down here and you want a piece of fish on the top or a bit chicken or maybe some tofu or something so that they can cook in separate ways but also as well to get the benefit out of them so we’ve got that raised part there we also as well have a lower part so you might do cooking a chicken and you don’t want it to have contact with the bottom surface because you want to collect some of them juices so you can raise that up and it’s very very simple to use we also as well have a actual grill surface so this is part of the dual crisp function it’s a crisper tray but it works in an intelligent way with the microwave to ensure that you get the best cooking results from the actual oven itself so we’ll go in a little bit more depth on actually using this function in a little while while we cook up some potato wedges and some Tomatoes for a nice little lunch Frank okay so we also as well in the pack we get some instructions and also as well this wonderful little QuickStart guide this covers off all the main functions and features such as things like the chef’s menu the special menu the ability to use combi microwave also as well it’s got a full detail of the out of control panel and how to use it so again it’s really simple to use but there are so many different ways to use it now if your first user of these machines I would definitely recommend keeping this to have maybe a photo on you finally you can quickly take a look at so this is really the important part that comes with this microwave so keep this to hand inside the book we’ve also as well got various tips and tricks on how to use things and a little bit more depth on exactly how to actually use the microwave combi an oven and grill to really the most potential that you can get out of it so alongside that as well we have a little grip on and at this base that allows us to pick up the crisper tray without any problem whatsoever so if you’ve had this in the oven for maybe 20 30 minutes this is going to be pretty hot and you’re not going to want to be picking it up with oven gloves to be honest given the size of it so this gives you the ability to just pop it onto there and move that around with real ease again this is going to be really perfect for making sure that you don’t burn your hands so again really simple to move around pop wherever you need it to be so all of these pieces fit together very simply and it just allows you to be able to have different ways of cooking but all in different levels to allow you basically it’s a the full advantage of the one cooking space that you have so I think the first thing to do is let’s take a look at some of the features on the actual machine itself talk through some of the menu and then let’s pop something in the oven and see how it works so as part of the actual system itself it’s fully touch sensitive so what we can do is we can press any of these different menu systems and these buttons will operate just by touch of a finger now we have a touch dial here as well so we can move this around and we can this in this allows us to select the different things that are underneath each one of these menus we have a very visible stop button and a start button – we have a loaded little clock to be able to tell you what the time is but also as well give you an indication of what the cooking time is and also as well all the different menu functions so take for example what we have is we’ve got a microwave and what we can do is just press on the microwave and it indicates that we’re currently at 750 watts if we turn this dial up here what will happen is it will change the wattage so we’ve gone up to 900 or we can reduce that all the way down to 90 watts so again it’s giving you real customization over exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it we have other ones such as the grill and what we’ve got is three different settings so I can select setting one two or three for the different types of grill that you want to actually use now that’s the different types of power that you’ve got solo through tune pie we’ve got things such as forced-air and this allows you to be doing things such as oven baked dishes so if you wanted to do something like a souffle or a pastry or maybe some meringues or you want to cook something like a chicken or some beef things like that this forced-air method using this button is there to basically allow for the fan and the grill to work to quickly preheat the oven before you actually start cooking we also as well have the dual Crist function which is a function that basically creates a golden brown result on the top and the bottom surface of the food it basically utilizes the microwave and the grill together to create the perfect storm when it comes to cooking so we also as well have things like the dynamic defrost this is going to allow us to defrost things such as various items maybe it might be vegetables meat chicken fish bread you can use this to change the different levels so I’ve got this set on setting for now and this allows us to have more of a customization for vegetables and I can just press Start and it’s going to give me the amount of weight that I want to defrost so I want to defrost 300 grams worth and intelligently what will happen is it will say I need about two and a half minutes three minutes to basically defrost that amount so I’m going to click stop on that so we have here as well we’ve got a combi function this allows me to utilize both the grill and the microwave together to create the perfect area to cook things such as vegetables lasagnas grated fruit it might be things like that so what I can do is I can use this function so I turn the dial and I can select the combination of using the microwave in the grill or the microwave in the forced-air and that’s going to allow me to be able to opt between the combination microwave and grill or the combination microwave and forced-air so giving me more customization over the best results that I can achieve so we also as well have things like the keep warm this allows me to pop something in this microwave oven and keep it warm for a period of time between 60 degrees and 80 degrees perfect for a few pizzas arrived and you can’t get around to eating it straight away but you want to keep it warm it’s a perfect way of doing that so over to the right we’ve got a few different settings over here and these are driven towards the actual supreme chef functions this allows me to be able to select something like the chef’s menu and the chef’s menu is going to give me so many different functions and features you know if you refer to the out guide that comes with this basically what this has is it’s got things such as underneath number one we’ve got stuffed potatoes we’ve got potatoes baked potatoes tomatoes things like this I can select this round to maybe number five the number five underneath this menu has things such as homemade pizzas or quiches or things like that I can also as well select it round to number seven and this gives me a whole range of different things underneath here if I press into here I can have program for under the setting seven and program for basically roasts nuts I can move a little bit more so number six and this is designed to cook muffins so the really nice thing about taking this menu system and using the intelligent functions that this machine has is that it takes all of the guesswork out of cooking so you can really ensure that you’re gonna get the best cooking results without the actual huge amount of effort of trying to ensure that you get the timings right so finally what we’ve got is we’ve got two other options the first won’t be in the special menu and this special menu is perfect things such as dough rising maybe you want to soften some butter or some cheese and he’s basically gonna allow you to select there’s number six and this number six refers to melting butter we also as well have finally an auto clean function this is an automatic cleaning cycle that will help to clean the microwave oven but also as well it will remove any unpleasant odors so this is a perfect way of keeping the microwave clean and also as well just ensuring that you know get the best function and best use and of this actual microwave oven itself so I think what we now need to do is actually cook something with it so I’ve got a couple of items here some sweet potato and some Tomatoes and what going to use is we’re going to use the crisping tray to basically transform what they look like and how they taste very quickly so I’m gonna just take the actual crisp tray itself I’m going to pop down so much sweet potato so I’ve just chopped this in some little small bites I’m just gonna pop them down on the actual tray itself then what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna pop some Tomatoes so these are just freshly picked up the garden I’m gonna pop these down I’m not going to worry about cutting them up or anything because hopefully they’re gonna roast up really nicely I’m gonna pop some pepper on I’m gonna tie some salt and also as well let’s pop a little bit peppery or just a sauce basically okay so let’s just do that a quick stir okay so all we need to do now is basically select the program that’s most relevant to this now this is going to be the dual crisp right it’s basically going to cook it from both sides really crisp make sure that all of them sweet potatoes come out really nice and also as well make sure these tomatoes sort of cook down into a really nice way so let’s pop it in and let’s select the program that we need so I’m just going to pop it on top of the glass there and this is just gonna allow it to move around to get the best cooking results so let’s pop this door shut and let’s go for the dual crisp and we’re going to go for number 5 number 5 relates to and if you refer to the QuickStart guide number 5 relates to potato wedges and basically that’s what I’m trying to go for them I’m just trying to find the most relevant program that’s going to be valid for what I’ve put into that so we’ll select number 5 and then what we’ll do is we’ll just press the button in and then I would say we’ve got about 400 grams worth in there so we’re going to do is I’m just gonna press Start and away we go we’ve got about 15 16 minutes to go so what I’ll do is I’ll come back to you very shortly once this is cooked and let’s see the results [Music] okay so we’ve only got a few seconds left to the cooking cycle so I’m going to pop open up the door and let’s see how we’ve got home so again like I say use a little safety handle that comes with it because this is extremely hot it’s been in here for about ten minutes and as we can see this is cooks so lovely all the tomatoes have all sort of mushed down lovely all the sweet potatoes everything is so nicely crisp so let’s pop it all out on a dish and let’s see how it tastes so if I just move this over to the side or do is we’ll just scoop this off onto yeah okay now again the good thing about this is that it’s easy to clean again this is a nonstick pan I’m just reuse the little handle just to make sure that I’ve got a little bit of sorry and it just allows you to be able to cook something rapidly without any worries whatsoever making sure that you can create the best results every time and that’s already tasted and amazing so as we can see it looks so good it’s just a few bits that were left over in the fridge and let’s just grab one of these sweet potatoes again nice and crisp very hot Wow very hot but lovely absolutely amazing now the great thing that comes from this is that it’s so flexible so easy to use you can just use it from a standard point of view as a microwave or a grill or an oven without any sort of the in depth menus but if you want to get creative if you want to have that sort of no worries about timings or things like that this sort of gives you that flexibility in that customization that you may be looking so in summary what do I think – the hot point nwh 3 3 8 sx microwave oven and combination well to be honest it has created something very quickly out pretty much just a few little throwaway items it can create amazing meringues and jakab potatoes and a whole raft of different types of foods and fruits and yogurts yeah it even does yogurt in there so I think the thing is is is so versatile that you know this can fit into anybody’s lifestyle the one thing I would say and that’s a bit of a negative is it is huge as you can see here it’s absolutely massive it does get quite hot as well I mean this this is an oven at the end of the day and you know this top surface is very hot indeed but the thing is is that you know if you wanting to have something that has all of the functions that you need to cook in your home but you don’t have much space this can really fit the bill I do think also as well it looks lovely it really does look the part with all of the black glass and the little bits of chrome accents but also as well the fact that it just sits really nice and proud in your kitchen I am looking forward to using this for some of the other items that you can do such as proving your bread but also as well to knock up a few little meringues for this weekend so check out the Instagram in the description box down below and you’ll be able to check that out later on this week is summary though if you are looking for a microwave oven with grill and combination function but also as well just to take that cooking level to the next level and be that master chef in the kitchen I would definitely recommend this microwave combi so thank you very much for watching the video I hope you’ve enjoyed it it’s been useful if you have hit that like button if you want to stay tuned for more videos click that subscribe button with notification bell I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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