Friday , August 14th 2020
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How to use your Panasonic combination microwave oven

Video Transcript

hello my name’s Janet from Panasonic and I’ll be taking you through a series of hints and tips on how to get the most out of your Panasonic combination of them one of the great big advantages of combination cooking is that you can save time time saving is around path to two-thirds of the normal cooking time and in the case of the chicken this roasted in 44 minutes if you have to cook this chicken weighing one and a half kilograms in a regular electric oven it will take about one hour for 44 minutes in addition to that I didn’t have to preheat this oven so it went straight into a cold oven and cooked straight through in 44 minutes so what does the combination of me well it means that you’ve got different ways of cooking in one oven so you have a grill in the top of the oven fan assisted oven which is operated from a fan at the back and there’s microwave energy as well and the benefit is that you can use those three ways of cooking individually so you can grill you can open cook and you can microwave but the big advantage is you can combine those ways of cooking and the example of the roast chicken I’ve got here is prime example the chicken has been cooked in all three ways so it’s being convection cooked to give it the nice traditional and succulence microwave energy is being used to speed up the cooking time and then the grill has been used as well to give you the nice golden color now this particular combination oven as you can see with its drop-down door is a flatbed design so I’ve been able to put in this large rectangular roasting dish and I’ve been able to place it directly inside the oven so you can create family size meals such as the samia’s in big gratin dishes you can use buntings with 12 old buns for baking and batch baking and because there are full with shells and no restrictions of a turntable the flatbed design offers great space compact to work with a lot of interior cooking space

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