Friday , August 14th 2020
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Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven Review

Video Transcript

[Music] hey guys how’s it going today I want to do just kind of a quick review for you guys on in Toshiba microwave oven that I recently got and I hadn’t seen too many reviews in it so I thought I’d just kind of give you guys my two cents just based on my experience and let you know what I thought about it it’s a Toshiba and the model number is am 9 to 5 a 5 a – BS and the BS 2 stands for black stainless it comes in two colors a dark stainless which is kind of like Apple’s Space Gray on their Macs and iPads and then the regular stainless is just obviously a regular stainless steel should mention – real quick that I actually found a pretty good deal on this and I’ll put a link in the description below so you guys can check that deal out if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself okay so if you kind of want the short version of this review in my opinion for the money there’s not a better microwave out there period hands down I really like this thing and I highly recommend it but let’s talk a little bit about why first you really can’t ignore is the price this microwave is well under $100 and it just works really really good it’s simple basic compact but it actually just works really good it’s 900 watts which at first I thought might be a problem because most microwave recipes are for 800 watt microwave however because of the compact size of this after doing quite a little bit of research because of the compact size on this it actually cooks the same as a thousand watt so you don’t have to worry about that just follow the standard directions and whatever you’re cooking for a microwave and it’ll be the same as a thousand watt very basic controls very easy to use basically you have time cook and it does have some automatic features it just has basically aim defrost that you can it’ll wait it’s called a way defrost it will weigh whatever you’re putting in and defrost it automatically based on its weight which actually works pretty good if you’re defrosting meats and other things it has a kitchen timer function built-in it does have a couple automatic presets for popcorn potatoes frozen vegetables and a few other things and they actually do work good the popcorn actually works really good it just gets it right every single time one thing I really like about this microwave is it has if you just hit the start button it just puts 30 seconds on on high and goes so and you can hit it like twice just hit start twice for a minute three times for a minute and a half it’s just really easy and fast which is convenient this is a compact microwave it is smaller than a standard microwave however I found that it fits 99% of everything you’re reheating in a microwave anyway the black stainless steel looks really good I’m a big fan of it over just a standard stainless steel it just kind of looks kind of futuristic but yeah anyway really like this thing highly recommend it great for like a dorm room but if you want a really good quality microwave without breaking the bank this is the one to get in my opinion hands-down anyway if you have any more questions on it just leave in the comments below thanks for watching guys and have a great day

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