Friday , August 14th 2020
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What’s The Deal With Metal In The Microwave?

Video Transcript

[Music] [Music] despite what you’ve been told metal can go in the microwave there are just a few caveats in fact the microwave oven itself has metal in it the cooking chamber walls and the mesh on the door which keeps the waves from escaping are both metal then of course there are those crisper trays and cooking sleeves and microwavable foods like frozen pizzas that contain an aluminium metal coating these metallic coatings get incredibly hot so they can brown food without sparking so what’s the big deal with metal in the microwave metals conduct electricity with tons of electrons that move freely well you should never keep any extra metal in the microwave oven for too long it’s the shape of the metal that really matters if you want to avoid sparks that’s why people say you can put a spoon in the microwave but never ever a fork and it’s true well it’s true that it’s slightly safer to put a spoon rather than a fork in the microwave microwaves themselves are a form of electromagnetic radiation these waves bounce off the ovens metal walls and are absorbed by water fat and sugar in your food heating it up put metal in there and the microwaves will cause the metals electrons to move these moving electrons can produce Sparks and heat when you’re cooking food with metal in the microwave and you see sparks flying that means there’s been a buildup of charged particles the oscillation of the microwaves produces a concentrated electric field at corners or an edge of a metallic object when these particles are pushed by a voltage that changes radically over a short distance the build-up of electricity arcs resulting in the flicker and flare of Sparks and that familiar popping noise how does shape factor into this in simple terms spoon spread charge and forks cause charge to build up which gives you sparks you don’t even need metal to elicit this sparking reaction if you create sharp edges in foods like hot dogs they’ll spark to but don’t think we’re encouraging you to throw all of your smooth metal utensils in the microwave along with last night’s dinner too much sparking can be dangerous so you really should avoid putting metal in the microwave altogether just know that you can for the most part without causing a World War 3 level explosion well probably [Music]

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