YFJL Household 1500W Non-Stick Smokeless Frying Pan 3 in 1, Multi-Person Household Electric Hot Pot, Multi-Function Electric Baking Pan, Can Be Used Anytime,B

Product Description

Sweep delicious

Type Electric / hot pot
Electric / hot pot function frying, hot pot, stew, braised, steamed, fried, boiled, fried
Liner material: aluminum alloy
Body material: aluminum alloy
Capacity 6L and above
Inner pot depth 8cm
Pot size 31CM and above
Control method: mechanical
Rated power (W) 1500
Rated voltage 220V
Smart type does not support smart
Product size 32cm
Product weight 5 (KG)
Color: Double-zone temperature-controlled square pot double grill, Double-zone temperature-controlled shabu pot double grill

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Product Features

  • ★ Allows a variety of raw materials to be cooked at the same time, convenient, Health,use stainless steel, no rust, safe and sanitary
  • ★ Non-stick pan board – it has both flat and ridged parts, so you can choose the right grill style for your recipe, the flat portion can be grilled with vegetables and ham, and the other part is grilled steak, chicken and fish.Very tasty, the oil drip tray keeps the Cleaning is easy, take a few minutes under the tap and prepare for the next barbecue.
  • ★ Suitable for indoor and outdoor – Electric smoke-free, convenient, fast, controllable, quality kit, perfect for dinner, personal meal,
  • ★ Non-stick and smoke-free grill is ideal for cooking delicious barbecue meats and vegetables.
  • ★ Double pot: a two-use pot, both barbecue, you can cook a hot pot