YFJL Reunion Hot Pot, Shabu-Shabu, Non-Stick Non-Smoke Electric Hot Pot Household Cooking 45Cm Oversized Electric Wok,Separationpot

Product Description

Hot pot sha pot nonstick smokeless electric hot pot home kitchen 45cm oversized electric wok
Rated voltage: 220v
Rated power: 1600w
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Specifications: Meeting pot 45CM * 27 joint,
meeting pot 45CM * 27 split
Features: non-stick pan
Carton size: 57 * 44 * 70.5
Bottom material: single bottom
Pot lid type: glass lid,
Depth: 9
Multifunctional classification: red
Product quality level: first class


1. Please read all manuals carefully before first use.

2. Avoid contact between wires and hot objects. The pot should be placed on a safe, level surface to avoid collisions and burns.

3. When there is hot soup or hot oil, please move carefully.

4. When there is hot oil, be careful: do not close the lid while frying.

Do not touch the thermostat during use, pay attention to the projector.

5. Before cleaning, please unplug the power plug and place it in a dry place to allow it to cool naturally.

Product Features

  • ❤[Multi-functional Hot Pot]: Electric grill equipped with Shabu hot pot, making barbecue and hot pot combined in an innovative way, adding more fun to your leisure time. It can be boiled, fried, roasted and fried in one pot. It is suitable for family parties and meets your various needs.
  • ❤[Independent Dual Temperature Control]: There are 2 buttons for hot pot and barbecue, you can separately control the barbecue temperature and hot pot temperature, which is very convenient and effortless.
  • ❤[High Quality]: Five-layer thickened disc body, 1000 degree high temperature is not deformed. Cast aluminum alloy material with environmental friendly and healthy non-stick coating, safe to use while maintaining its durability.
  • ❤[Fast Heating Up]: Adopting to energy accumulation ring heat design and 2200W double tube heating, high thermal efficiency, making it possible to heat up in as short as 8 seconds, no need for a long wait before a banquet.
  • ❤[Easy to Clean]: The electric grill hot pot features in single split design, embedded design of baking tray, separated from the pot, Very easy to clean thoroughly.